Experts in meeting challenges in engineering

Propelled by innovation

Fabrication Delta is an enterprise specialising in the manufacture of top quality wind turbine towers and heavy steel structures of all sizes. Our experts can assist you at all stages of your project, from engineering and design to manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Engineering and design

Our CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) department bridges the engineering department and the manufacturing shop. We can produce all the shop drawings needed to manufacture custom-made industrial equipment. Depending on your technical requirements, we can also draft 3D images of your designs.

Excelling in the resolution of problems, our engineering team has extensive experience in the fields of sawmilling, pulp and paper and mining.


Specialised and tooled to execute custom-made projects from start to finish, our manufacturing department’s members essentially include machinists, welders, mechanics, operators, automation experts, and instrumentation and control technicians. We work closely with our own suppliers to guarantee the excellence of all the components we use.

Heavy machining

We can machine heavy parts, from the simplest to the most complex. Our combined axis machining centre can machine parts measuring up to 15,000 mm in length, 8,000 mm in height and 2,400 in width. We have two pivoting rotating tables, which can increase our capability to machine voluminous products even further. One of these can be inclined up to 10 degrees; this machine also has an indexing head (PHA every 2.5 degrees) and a micro-indexing head, which can execute every imaginable angle. Finally, our shop is equipped with a robot that, never tiring and always precise, changes tools and can hold up to 105 tools!

Installation and start-up

Our experienced installation and start-up team can help you begin your projects on a sound footing, with peace of mind: bridges and catwalks, tanks, conduits and pipes, wind turbine tower erection, etc.

Quality assurance

Our experts systematically perform a thorough inspection of all our structures prior to their delivery, ensuring that the products we ship are of the highest possible quality. Because our customers’ satisfaction is essential to us, our experts offer judicious troubleshooting suggestions, competently and diligently. An ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance program is currently being introduced at our plant. In addition, our welding department meets the CSA W47-1 and ASME standards set by the CWB Group (Canadian Welding Bureau). We also offer an inspection service using non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques: magnetic particle testing (MT), ultrasonic testing (UT), and visual testing (VT). We also have the very latest in tridimensional measuring equipment.